Blunt Force Team 6

Yes, just like the seals, but much more laid back
Just like the three musketeers, we are a team of 3. With a wealth of experience in software development, blockchain and digital art.. With Blunt Force Team 6, you are in very capable hands.
Team 6 - Captain
Blockchain development expert, years of experience in delivering minting solutions and websites across the Cardano Blockchain with full Cardano node operational experience. ADA investor for many years and is a full time Cardano Developer. Family.....first....always!
Team 6 - Colonel
20 years experience is developing applications across various technology stacks. Cardano and NFT Enthusiast. Blockchain developer, sometimes artist, sometimes gym nut, always father!
Team 6 - General
The Artist. Highly experience digital artist, creating custom artwork for various industries including advertising and NFTS. Bringing a unique style to the Cardano Blockchain.

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